Wednesday Narrative Seminar Topics

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Fall Narrative Luncheon Showcasing the book: 

September 18:  Introduction: Cognitive Narrative Studies: Themes and Variations, from Stories and Minds, edited by Bernaerts, Lars; De Geest, Dirk; Herman, Luc; Vervaeck, Bart

For the lecture, (visuals not too exciting; mostly auditory) see .  You'll need to download it to watch more than the first 15 minutes.

September 25:  Open Discussion; no recording.

October 2: Narrative and the Law: Brooks: The Narrative of "Inevitable Discovery".

Click here to watch the first 15 minutes of today's discussion or to download the entire hour:

October 9:Example of Narrative Research: Men developing Emotional Intelligence through Meditation: Integrating Narrative, Cognitive, and Electroencephalographic (EEG) Evidence, by Tim Lomas, et al., from Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 24 June 2013.

Click here to watch the first 15 minutes or to download the entire hour:

October 16:  Blind Reading: Toward an Enactivist Theory of the Reader’s Imagination by Marco Caracciolo

October 23:  The Words and Worlds of Literary Narrative: The Trade-off between Verbal Presence and Direct Presence in the Activity of Reading by Anezka Kuzmicova

October 30:  No meeting in honor of Halloween

November 6:  Cycles of Narrative Necessity: Suspect Tellers and the Textuality of Fictional Minds by Maria Makela

November 13: No meeting

November 20: Other Stories, Other Minds: The Intercultural Potential of Cognitive Approaches to Narrative by Roy Sommer

November 27:  No meeting for Thanksgiving

December 4: Plot, Morality, and Folk Psychology Research by Bart Keunen

December 11: Narrative and Mind: Directions for Inquiry by David Herman

December 18: Minding the Text: Memory for Literary Narrative by Marisa Bortolussi and Peter Dixon

January 8:  Rhetorical Control of Readers’ Attention: Psychological and Stylistic Perspectives on Foreground and Background in Narrative by catherine emmott, anthony j. sanford, and marc alexander

January 15: Partial Cues and Narrative Understanding in Anna Karenina by Elaine Auyoung


Stories and Minds is available from the University of Nebraska or amazon.

 Contact us if you have a topic you'd like to present (