Exploring Greatness at Kripalu, March 18-23, 2018

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Stories to Awaken Your Inner Hero

We are all familiar with superheroes, war heroes, and heroes of myths and legends, but we don’t often focus on our own everyday heroism. Heroism occurs when we take action to improve the world or our lives in the face of uncertainty about the outcome of our actions. This program uses heroic stories from Native America, ancient Greece and Rome, Europe, and Japan to inspire us and explore what it means to be heroic. Familiar characters like Coyote and Nazrudin just might make an appearance!

March 18–23, 2018

Our goal is to create change in ourselves and the world by finding more heroism in our lives and more appreciation for our past heroic acts. This can change our evaluation of ourselves in the past, because we rarely recognize our own heroism. And no matter how small that change is, it matters.

Sunday–Friday: 5 nights

Come work toward personal and world change through writing, drawing, movement, singing, and dialogue. You don’t need talent in any of those activities to fully participate.

Tuition: $340.00

This will be really fun and perhaps even transformative.